4 Notion Templates for Building a Second Brain

The popular methodology developed by Forte Labs, applied to Notion

Building a “Second Brain” is a popular methodology developed by Forte Labs for “saving and systematically reminding us of the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we’ve gained through our experience.”

And many Notion template creators have applied this methodology to their Notion workspaces. We’ve curated four Notion templates to help you build a “second brain,” ranging from $0 to $79.

Second Brain Notion Templates

Second Brain Notion Template

This is a template to be used as a tool to apply the Second Brain method of storing your ideas for later use.

Second Brain [PARA]

This is a template for the Second Brain methodology developed by Tiago Forte. This template is divided into 4 main databases": Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archive (following the P.A.R.A system)

Notion Second Brain

Second Brain is a digital system made for entrepreneurs, freelancers, content creators and students.


Notion as Your Second Brain

Add stuff quickly to "incoming"; classify the resource (books, videos, podcasts, etc); the resource will then sync directly to the "People" (from friends to politicians) and "Area" (from 'cuisine' to 'quantum mechanics') pages so that you can have your notes regarding each topic easily accessible.

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