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November 2022

13 new Notion templates for Twitter, SEO, pregnancy, user research for B2B, sleep, Airbnb, and more!
Notion for stoicism, health insurance, wardrobes, sobriety, plants, and more!

October 2022

14 new Notion templates for product launches, building a second brain, working out, proposals, and more!

September 2022

Exploring the popular category of Notion templates
11 new Notion templates for fundraising, freelance, Twitter, school, Webflow, and more!

August 2022

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July 2022

Introducing our all-new platform, centered around creators

May 2022

5 new Notion templates for social media, crypto, academics, startups, and more!
5 new Notion templates for reading, project management, Twitter, shopping, and more!
6 new Notion templates for academic research, Airbnb, digital entrepreneurs, video creators, and more!